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Amusement park CAD drawing to 3D drawing

Henan delesen Co., Ltd. is a professional attraction amusement park design companies,  focusing on the selection and planning of park construction, with many years of experience in park construction planning, and has a number of practical success cases.

We have mastered a number of modern scientific and technological means, which are skillfully applied to all stages of the amusement park layout, and can perfectly and richly provide customers with:

The amusement park layout, the real scene 3D map, can also realize 360 ° panoramic, perspective, site video, etc., and provide customers with vivid video animation for their choice.

In the theme park layout design, we will fully investigate the theme plan and creative intention of customers, and fully follow the overall plan for the construction of the theme park,

We have always been committed to becoming a responsible and passionate enterprise. We are willing to accept more tasks of Premium Amusement Park &amp and pursue higher quality services.

We strive to meet customers’ requirements for budget and amusement park design results.

Whether you are looking for the opportunity to transform the existing site or the inspiration for the construction of a new site, we will try our best to keep your ideas on the basis of balancing the budget, feasibility and layout logic. From project drafting to CAD amusement park design to full-color rendering, we always respect the integrity of creativity.

Any theme we create will support the entire experience. No matter what equipment we use, its aim is to attract amusement and improve the tourist experience.

Our goal is always the same – to help our customers achieve greater return on investment, increase revenue, help them attract new consumers, and improve their recognition of us. We are happy to start a new journey with you! If you have a dream of creating a live entertainment place, please tell us!


What information do you need to provide us

1You provide us with the CAD drawing of the original site. The CAD drawing needs to show the location and size of the planned amusement park area. If the main door and auxiliary door have been determined, the location also needs to be marked

2Provide us with the specific city coordinate location of your amusement park to help you find satellites

3If you don’t have CAD map and can’t find your amusement park location in the satellite map, you can draw a sketch by hand through measurement, and we can know your measurement precautions and measurement skills

The third scheme is not very desirable because of errors.

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Customer case


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