Amusement park design software

As a beginner, if you want to know what software is needed for amusement park design? Here we can give you the answer.

Before this, you need to understand the design process of the amusement park. The software used in each process is different~

1  Preliminary understanding of the general landform


At the beginning of the design drawing of the amusement park, it is necessary to know the situation of the site, so the surveying and mapping software Arcgis is needed for field measurement, to know the location and terrain of the site, and to simulate the real situation of the site through the longitude and latitude coordinates and height coordinates. If your location is in the city and on the flat ground, this one can be ignored. There are other software with similar functions besides Arcgis software, but many companies use more Arcgis software than tutorials.

2  Preliminary planning of amusement park design

After knowing the site conditions, the next step is the preliminary design of the amusement park, which is the effect design drawing and the construction design drawing.

(1) Effect design drawing

(1.1) The effect design drawing needs to plan the actual 1:1 effect according to the exact size and floor area, and needs to use CAD software(Full name:Auto Computer Aided Design.

For example, the actual floor area of the amusement park, main roads, entrance and exit locations, and special areas that cannot be reconstructed need to be presented. The CAD software can show the basic site conditions of the amusement park design on the computer.

CAD drawing planning is generally called two-dimensional plan. on the CAD software, the expected planning effect of the amusement park is preliminarily planned.

AutoCAD(Auto Computer Aided Design)It is a fully automatic aided design drawing software first produced by British Autodesk in 1982, which is used for two-dimensional drawing, detailed production, design documents and basically three-dimensional design.

At this point, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Selection of amusement rides in the amusement park area;
  • The layout of the amusement park rides (It is also called the placement position, which is very important and relates to the movement of tourists in the amusement park in the future);
  • Planning of main trunk roads, secondary trunk roads and flagstone roads on grasslands;
  • Rest area(When the customer is playing, the rest area or the rest area for the accompanying personnel, if the space is limited, can not be specially set up. According to the play route, it is also OK to design a point or line along the road);
  • Outlet and inlet;
  • Number of shops, number of toilets, green plant planning, parking area, etc.

This is to do a good job of timely communication with customers, reach an agreement, and then draw 1:1 in the CAD software according to the actual length to make a definite plane plan.

(1.2) After completing the two-dimensional CAD planning, then use the 3D software to make a 3D effect map. The 3D effect is to look at a more 3D effect, with models, colors, lights and shadows, and simulate a more realistic effect.

Computer graphics software
3D modeling and animation software
Digital sculpture and painting software
3D Visualizer
3D model mapping software.

3D effects are commonly used in amusement park design software such as 3Dmax, MAYA, Lumion,Substance Painter, ZBrush, and renderers such as VRay, Corona, Mentalray. 3Dmax, MAYA and ZBrush are usually used to make 3d models, while Lumion and distance painter are used to add color and light effects. Renderers are integrated in these software to help achieve better results. Of course, there are other software, such as C4D, UE4, unity3d, etc., which can also be implemented.

Software for image processing

Finally, in the amusement park design software, the PS (Photoshop) software is required for drawing revision. This software is used to beautify the rendering effect again, and add notes on the effect.

(2) Construction design drawing

The main purpose of the construction design drawing is to approach the design effect of the restoration effect drawing on the one hand, and to be used for actual construction on the other hand.

According to the actual site conditions, determine the weight and type of the amusement equipment, the depth of the foundation, the planned cement and the thickness of the cement pavement, when it is necessary to do water diversion pipes, wire conduits, etc., the specifications of the electrical cabinet box, the power management of the entire amusement park, the actual purchase category and planting area of green plants, and the facilities in the basic rest area, such as street lamps, seat rest area landscape placement, etc.

All these are well done, and the construction party can directly carry out the construction. CAD software is the most used here, and programming software is required for electricity. Those who are interested can chat privately.

To sum up, amusement park design software includes: mapping software – arcgis, site planning and construction software – CAD; 3D software – 3Dmax, MAYA, Lumion, Substance Painter, ZBrush, C4D, UE4, unity3d, etc.; renderer plug-ins – Vray, Corona, Mentalray;Map repair software – ps.

I hope the above summary can help you. If you have anything to add, please leave a message~~


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