Amusement park design standards

What is the design standard of amusement park?

I have also considered this issue day and night after careful consideration.
Every country in the world has a detailed Standard Guide for garden design and planning standards. The amusement park design standards is only a small branch of them, and the description is not clear, or it is too one-sided and formalized.

At the beginning of the design of the amusement park, before the construction began? What do we have to figure out?
Yes, that’s the question of investment and return.
I don’t think anyone wants to invest a lot of gold coins in it without any return, and always do public welfare. Therefore, a good amusement park design standard can not only operate efficiently, but also continuously improve the profitability. The more amusement projects there are, the more important it is to look at the construction and design planning of the amusement park. If we understand this, we will understand the standard from the next analysis.

amusement park design and planning

What aspects should be taken as the design standards of amusement parks?

(1) Take into account the needs of operation and management.

It can improve the operating income of the park, improve the revisit rate, improve the satisfaction of tourists, safety management, service quality, reduce rework, and save investment costs.
For example, in ticket pricing, it is necessary to consider the consumption level of customer groups, whether to sell night tickets and all day tickets separately, or whether to sell tickets on weekdays and holidays; Create a business environment, for example, around the water project, lay out shops for the sale of water game equipment, lay out restaurants in the leisure area, and lay out shops on the tour route; In the vicinity of amusement facilities, tourists will stay longer, which will help increase consumption opportunities.

(2) positioning the theme of amusement park.

Positioning the overall creativity and design of the amusement park theme directly determines the development direction and theme positioning. The theme should be clear, and the overall design of the amusement park should echo the theme to achieve a high degree of integration and unity. Amusement park design should give full play to creativity, not be uniform and unique, and should comprehensively consider landscape, architecture, process design and other aspects, so as to achieve sustainable development and take the market as the basis.

(3) constantly optimize the amusement park on a regular basis.

If you go to a place to play, the first time is like this, the second time is like this, the third time is like this, do you still plan to go to the fourth?
You already know the answer.
In the planning and design of the amusement park, it is also one of the design standards of the amusement park to consider how to continuously attract customers, improve customer experience and meet the overall needs of customers.
The establishment of the amusement park is not a matter of indifference. If the site permits, in the initial stage of the design of the amusement park, it is not necessary to put all the resources into development at once, but to consider phased development. For example, one part of the first phase of the plan, another part of the second phase of the plan, and part of the amusement park facilities will be eliminated and updated in the third phase according to the attendance rate of customers.

To sum up, the design standards of amusement parks are:

  1. The designer takes into account the needs of operation and management;
  2. Positioning the theme of amusement park;
  3. Constantly optimize the amusement park on a regular basis.

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Main business scope:

  1. Planning and design of amusement park
  2. Theme park planning and design
  3. Planning and design of children’s amusement park.


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