Animal crossing amusement park design ideas

The Animal Crossing Amusement Park is very popular. Adhering to the development concept of “harmonious coexistence between people and animals”, it provides tourists with a leisure place where they can get close to the nature. Through zero distance contact with animals, feeding interaction and watching animal performances, it enhances children’s understanding of animals, strengthens their awareness of animal and environmental protection, and improves their sense of social responsibility; So as to create an indoor three habitat micro ecological park integrating the interaction of fun and loveliness, natural science education and leisure experience.

Animal crossing amusement park, a large market for new projects, has low barriers to entry. However, although this project is good, it can not be successfully designed by one or several people in the design of animal crossing amusement park. There are many things involved, such as layout, materials, site isolation, and safety, which need professional designers to do.

In addition to the C-end parents and children, animal crossing amusement park can also face the B-end education market. A large amusement of shopping centers need high-quality family entertainment businesses to help them transform into “themed” shopping centers. Animal crossing paradise park is a technical consulting company specializing in product output and service output.

Remember the following points about the construction of animals crossing the amusement park

No.1、The theme positioning is obvious, and the animals are mainly “cute”

Different from traditional zoos, the animal crossing amusement park has a distinctive theme, strong pertinence, and a good sense of interaction. It caters to consumers and brings a new experience. For the parent-child population, the animal crossing amusement park has incomparable advantages over ordinary zoos. The animal crossing amusement park can make up for the shortcomings of urban parks and wildlife parks in interaction, participation, entertainment, science popularization, etc., so that everyone in the parent-child family can gain and face the people of all ages.

No.2、Enhance interactive participation and create an immersive experience

The planning and design of the animal crossing amusement park should create a natural and leisure immersive exhibition environment and environmental packaging. From the interactive window, interactive platform and interactive space, the lovely animal elements are collocated to strengthen the impression and stickiness, so as to achieve the goal of easy replication; In the planning and design, attention should be paid to the following points: it is suitable for the natural environment and the natural environment of animals and plants. Cages and landscapes should both have excellent waterproof functions. It is appropriate to partition the project moderately. Since the actual area of indoor pet projects is not large, too many partitions are not conducive to the creation of story lines and the improvement of tourist satisfaction.

No.3、 Keep innovating and making progress

The animal crossing amusement park is not just about feeding pets. In order to attract new tourists and increase the return rate of old tourists, the animal crossing amusement park needs to continuously give tourists new concepts, new themes and new feelings.

No.4、 Let the customer remember

Animal display, animal interaction, animal performance and animal pet peripheral industry marketing in the animal crossing amusement park, including animal themed restaurants, pet stores, pet supplies, animal souvenirs, etc., play a role in watching, communicating, interacting, and companionship, which is a linear process. Both adults and children are happy.

The function of animal crossing amusement park is to carry out animal protection, publicity and education in a comprehensive way, which is to influence the public’s awareness through their own display, protection, education and other work, so that people can respect and pay attention to nature. It is the most direct education for children through the animal crossing amusement park.

matters needing attention

To launch such projects as animal crossing household park, we must deeply understand the relevant laws and regulations in advance, and go through them according to the rules, in case that the animal related procedures cannot be approved in time; Secondly, in terms of “policy public opinion”, at present, such projects are very new in some countries, and the local competent authorities stationed in the project may not support them because they are unfamiliar with them. At the same time, the public opinion on animal protection is developing and evolving rapidly. Although the project is legal and compliant, it is different from ordinary business; Next, we will interpret the “labor cost”. This kind of project is different from the past animal viewing products. The operation of this kind of project cannot be separated from a large amount of human investment to explain and guide, which requires attention in advance when predicting the start-up costs and operating costs; Finally, animal epidemic prevention and fire safety should also be paid attention to.


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