Brief design of amusement park map

In the design of the amusement park, layout of the amusement park map will affect the dynamic route of visitors and the tour order of visitors, so the design of the amusement park map is also very important.

The amusement park map is a guide of the image of the amusement park, which outlines the whole picture of a destination.

  • When visitors first arrive at a strange amusement park, they need to obtain the amusement park information they need through maps. Traditional maps are used to find the route of the destination.Now, with the appearance of colorful amusement park map, it not only provides visitors with geographical guidance, but also becomes a cultural souvenir, which is favored by visitors.

Have you ever thought that if we hold the map of the amusement park in our hands, we can’t understand it at all. How do we feel when we are in an amusement park where we can’t walk out?

Labyrinth map

It directly brings us into the maze in “Alice in Wonderland”. Imagine that you were happy at that time? Or angry? Still feel helpless? Or do you want to criticize the designer of this amusement park?

Imagine again, for example, if we walked along the road in the amusement park according to the directions on the amusement park map, and missed some amusement rides on the other road, we have to go back, and then go back to the origin again.

Do it feel very troublesome? Feel that playing is not the purpose, keep looking for the route, is the most important.

Therefore, we can’t just design any amusement park maps.

The location and area shape of the amusement park should always be combined.

Always design the amusement park map based on the location and shape of the amusement park area.

What elements should an excellent amusement park map have?

Large theme parks usually have large sites and a lot of amusement rides. Therefore, Important considerations when designing amusement park maps: guided maps can be quickly understood and quickly help visitors locate their destinations. This is mainly reflected in the following three aspects.

1.Humanized functional design

The so-called humanization is to make visitors understand as soon as possible, and make the entrance more obvious, so that visitors can know where they are at the first time.

At the same time, it is combined with people’s visual habits – the upper side is north, the lower side is south, the left side is west, and the right side is east.

2. The amusement park structure should be clear and eye-catching

Large theme amusement parks will generally subdivide into different theme area, and the most common way to separate each zone is “floor color”. The advantage of using “floor color” is that you can clearly see the location of each “theme area”.

At the same time, we should ensure that the large route between each theme area are connected as much as possible, and the moving line within each theme area also as far as possible,so that visitors can walk along the route and have a good time.

our established case of amusement  park map
Different colors for different theme areas
Fire-fighting passages of amusement park map
Fire-fighting passages of amusement park map
  • This is our established case,we have marked different theme areas with different colors for a site, and we have also prepared a road map of fire fighting passages for emergency plans.

In order to achieve a balance between the color of the theme areas and the road identification,the main roads running through each theme areas will be marked in distinct yellow,Is it even better?

3. Simplify icons on maps

If your amusement park is large, it will be displayed on a piece of paper, many places are close to each other. Or your area is very small, but the amusement rides inside are closely adjacent. At this time, it is necessary to learn how to make choices and keep important information,for example, latrine symbols, first aid station symbols, the best group photo place symbols, etc.Amusement rides can be replaced by serial numbers. In addition, they can be explained in detail with serial numbers around or below the amusement park map.

Indoor of amusement park map
The indoor amusement park map

The layout we designed is an indoor amusement park. The customer also wants to show the amusement rooms with different equipment, and also wants to look beautiful. So we marked each amusement room with a serial number, and then listed the names corresponding to these serial numbers in the blank space. The customer was very satisfied.

4. Choose the right style

The appearance of the amusement park map is very important.

A good design will certainly balance the theme practicability with the aesthetic workmanship. Although everyone knows that beauty is subjective.

The theme park map, presented in bright colors and colorful pictures, will give people an inexplicable attraction.

There are two common styles of amusement park maps:  realistic style or Cartoon style.(We usually combine the two.)

If the planned site of your amusement park is a fluctuating area, you can use some gentle curves to plan the road in combination with the terrain and vegetation.

In general, it is best to make an amusement park map with some emotional tension.

5. Highlighting the highlights of the amusementpark

In addition to determining the overall style according to the tone of the park, for representative projects, highlight the highly attractive amusement rides or place of the theme park on the amusement park map as much as possible, which can be magnified separately or differentiated in color, so that visitors can know where to go at a glance!

Finally, don’t forget customer needs, which are also very important.You can’t just satisfy your own taste and leave the paying boss alone.The consequences are predictable.

In order to meet the ideas of both parties, they usually design two different schemes, and let the customer choose the one they like. If the customer is not satisfied,We will patiently revise it again until the customer is satisfied.

Amusement Park Design process:

Provide demand – Cycle and quotation – Sign contract – Sort out data – Draw planning – Draw color layout – Confirm acceptance.

At this moment, do you have demand for making an amusement parkmaps?

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