Case display of an amusement park project

Customer information

  1. Provide top view taken by UAV and several dimensions of the site;
  2. 14m is reserved at the roadside for planning single row parking spaces and sidewalks;
  3. The original equipment is unchanged, and the existing equipment is listed;
  4. The customer has selected the amusement equipment to be installed;
  5. The pavement is hardened and the area with large space is used as vegetation.

Information to be provided by the customer

  • Determine entry location;
  • Determine the ground treatment method. For example, if the customer wants to harden the site, whether to lay cement or color paint or floor tiles;
  • Day effect or night effect;
  • Other special requirements.

First, The layout plan of the amusement park

  • Confirm whether the planned area of the plane site of the amusement park is correct;
  • Confirm whether the equipment is properly placed;
  • Confirm the position of passengers on and off the equipment inlet and outlet;
  • Whether the rest area and green area are reasonable.

The client and the amusement park designer begin to determine the preliminary planning of the site

Before the design of the amusement park, it is necessary to combine the actual site conditions of the customer and the expected budget of the customer, so as to achieve the direction of the flow of people, the layout of parking spaces, and the rest area in the main amusement park. In detail, it is also necessary to consider the basic public facilities, such as the ticket office, the toilet, the electric control box, etc.

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