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First of all, consider positioning. The positioning here can start from multiple angles.

1.Positioning of people

Who are the people served by the amusement park ride?

Take children’s amusement park rides as an example:

Children aged 3-6 should highlight the fun of amusement park ride theme when playing. Children aged 5-12 and above should highlight the fun challenge and adventure of amusement park ride theme when playing. Relaxed amusement park ride should be created according to the different age and difficulty of playing.

Take adult amusement rides for example:

Design and produce your amusement parks are not only a paradise for children. If you carefully find out, there are a wide range of amusement parks for adults, with more than 100 projects. For this market, many operators have started to invest in adult amusement parks.The adult amusement parks is not that the more exciting the more popular.

Every adult has a childlike dream in theirs heart. we can release ourselves in the amusement park and release ourselves . We can consider the dreams of science fiction, fairy tales, pirates, etc;

In general, design the amusement park ride is based on crowd. And at the same time, according to the new concept of human psychology.Through novel modeling design, comfortable color matching and other methods.So that passengers can enhance their flexibility and coordination in the process of playing with hands and brains, and have a relaxed and interesting experience.

2.Positioning from the geographical and cultural environment

Design and produce your amusement park rides has national and regional characteristics

The ideological realm of this consideration should be improved to the regional characteristic culture, develop the national style, create the integration of material culture and intangible culture, and integrate art and aesthetics into the amusement park ride.

Reference to the national cultural style, absorb the characteristics, combined with the amusement rides

The design inspiration of amusement park rides can be derived from local ancient myths, unearthed historical relics.Such as totem images, or the implication of local characteristic objects. For example, a carp leaping out of the water conveys endless hopes? This should be combined with the original intention of our amusement park ride. The design team can make unremitting efforts to identify the basic elements to be selected and used in the amusement park ride.

Based on our previous experience, we can even change the color of existing amusement park ride, such as the following one. The theme of the amusement park is retro style, while our normal amusement ride is bright European and American style. We should also change it to retro style amusement park ride in combination with the theme of the amusement park, so mix it with the overall amusement park style.

Some of our customers are near the military base and want to consider opening an amusement park.

We combine the surroundings of our customers,and the purpose of the visitors here,Created a very science fiction tank car ride device.Visitors who travel here can not only visit the military museum and see the soldiers in the army, but also experience the military field drills through the amusement equipment.

3 Proceeding of design and produce your amusement park ride from the input funds.

How much do you expect to invest in the cost of the amusement park ride. Business without money is the most insincere business. In today’s information rich society, there is no lack of information channels, and the price must be reasonable to really impress and retain customers.Rather than asking exorbitant prices, or reducing materials, which leads to high maintenance costs in the later stage.

4 Starting from the environment of the amusement park

Design and production principles of indoor amusement park ride and outdoor amusement park ride.

Based on the address you selected as the amusement park, this address has the advantage of indoor or outdoor amusement ride projects, so you can select more competitive amusement rides.

As a professional company for the installation and production of amusement park rides,for outdoor amusement rides, in the design, amusement park rides must pay attention to the waterproof setting.

Among the past customers, there were more customized outdoor of amusement park rides with multiple advantages, such as strong playability and rich interest, which helped to expand the tourist space and enhance physical fitness.

5 Starting of amusement park rides from iteration.

The amusement ride you want to make, is it an old device replaced by a new one, or a design made out of nothing?

6 Starting from the Sports mode of amusement rides.

Mechanical animation
Mechanical animation

This is suitable for more professional or sophisticated customers. For example, you have a Sports mod on the equipment of an amusement park, but you think it is not perfect enough. You need to find someone to transform it into your favorite appearance. No problem, we can do it.

Note that the most important item of amusement park rides is:

Design details, considering the safety of the product.

You get what you pay for, no matter how cheap it is, we can’t lose to safety. Our amusement park rides is not only beautiful in appearance and low in price, but also more important to ensure the safety of passengers. Therefore, we must take personal safety as the first criterion of design standards,life of passenger is no joke.

We are a diversified enterprise integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, sales and operation, specializing in supporting facilities for amusement parks, outdoor recreation, creative leisure and other recreation facilities.
  • We take product quality and safety as the first priority.
  • Introduces the new concept of the standardized system of international amusement rides.
  • Design and produce amusement park rides that customers are satisfied.
  • Assured and like through novel modeling design, comfortable color matching and other methods.
  • We have paid attention to the introduction of international advanced design concepts and technology.And has a high-quality professional design, production and construction team.
  • We have a deep dream and a sense of social responsibility.

Finally, no matter which amusement park ride design company you choose, we will wish you a prosperous business


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