Design brief example of amusement parks riverside

Today, we will share an article about the design of the amusement parks riverside and amusement parks gulf shores.We will also share a design brief example, we have done in the past to help you understand, We hope it can help you.

Has anyone missed me recently? Ha ha, we have received a new task recently to help customers customize a new amusement park ride. The theme is Animal Kingdom, which has come to an end recently. A few days ago, I received a letter from a friend who said that he wanted us to share some of the amusement park designs near the seaside. OK, let’s share them today.

Imagine the fresh air, beautiful blue sea and sky, legendary and mysterious landscape, and unique customs. What a good place to go. To establish an amusement park here can integrate entertainment, leisure and vacation, giving tourists a unique enjoyment.

The layout and design of the amusement parks riverside(or amusement parks gulf shores)projects are different from the traditional design mode of amusement parks. The design of the amusement parks riverside(or the gulf amusement parks)can integrate the site’s geographical, cultural and surrounding environment, and create a warm, romantic and emotional amusement park relying on the beautiful coastline.

Such amusement park projects close to water can be divided into three types of areas.namely, the water area, the sandy area near the water edge, and the land area. You can take advantage of your geographical advantages to make the different fun to tourists.

design brief example of amusement parks riverside
Design of amusement parks riverside

The water projects of amusement parks riverside 

In the water area, you can plan and design water sports, such as water amusement rides of inflatable barrier, which can interact with parents and children as well as couples and friends. There are some climbs, obstacles and slopes on the top, which can make tourists feel the different stimulation of inflatable barrier under the continuous fluctuation of the water surface. Both adults and children can play, cultivate everyone’s brave, tenacious and tenacious personality, and enhance the cooperation between people.

water amusement rides of inflatable barrier
water amusement rides of inflatable barrier

There are also boat amusement rides: bumper ships, pedal sightseeing boats, hand boats, warrior boats, spinning boats, banana boats, speedboats, etc. These are popular ships in the current market in the amusement park riverside;

As the saying goes: Eat the sea near the sea. You can also add a fishing pool to let tourists feel the joy of fishing and play a role of dispersing tourists.

Put the position advice

The water amusement rides of inflatable barrier in the amusement parks riverside (or amusement parks gulf shores),should be planned close to the shores as much as possible. The reason for such planning is that the risk of water related amusement rides is high.Near the shore, if a person falls into the water, it is convenient to rescue, shallow water and relatively safe. Adults and children can participate, and indirectly improve the number of passengers of the water related amusement rides.

Where are the plans for boat amusement rides?

On the layout, a float bridge can be designed near the outside of the water amusement rides of inflatable barrier, planned to be located a little further from the shoreline. The reason is that the ship has a large range of activities,another reason is that it makes it more difficult to challenge customers with different excitement. After all, it’s too boring to work routinely every day. Stimulate your nerves, increase your body coordination and let us play more crazily.

Fishing pool, in order to increase the fun of tourists, you can raise some marine fish in a pool, so that customers can easily catch them by the pool.

As a whole, the layout of the amusement parks riverside and amusement parks gulf shores are divided into three categories, which can fully disperse the density of tourists.

In addition to the speedboat, our factory has production of such amusement rides. If you need more information, you can leave a message or send email information!

Don’t forget the most important thing. Prepare some lifeboats. After all, safety comes first!!

The beach projects of amusement parks riverside 

This is about near the sea or river amusement ride layout in the amusement parks riverside and amusement parks gulf shores. Let’s start to analyze the beach projects for you.

What’s interesting amusement rides on the beach? Many, many, but which are the more profitable projects? Let’s share some with you based on our past design experience. If you are not satisfied, you can come to us alone. We will further discuss in detail according to your  conditions~

If your investment budget is limited, you can refer to the following scheme 1:

Buy some beach cars.

Beach cars can be divided into adults and children: adults need to carefully plan the track, with different steep slopes and curves, and open Beach Arena; Children’s electric beach cars should have a better cartoon style, which can attract children’s love more. It can also add electric children’s tanks, children’s excavators and other children’s beach amusement rides.

At the same time, build the shops to sell some sand building block tools,it is good.

If your budget is not very low, you can refer to the following scheme 2:

You can purchase some other amusement rides; For example, the Happy Ferris wheel, the ocean merry go round, the frog jump, the pirate ship, the rotating airplane, the crazy bullfighter, the bouncing car, the harvest locomotive, the dreamy Jurassic, the Harley youth, the Star Wars, the Happy Kingdom, etc., these amusement rides are combined with the natural environment. You will experience passion and stimulation in the fresh and pleasant air environment, which is a good place for people to relax, vacation, entertainment, and get together with friends and relatives.

The land area projects of amusement parks riverside 

Layout of the last land area of the the projects of the amusement parks riverside and amusement parks gulf shores.

For example, music fountains, water screen movies, marine performance bars, bar and restaurant style streets, which are the same as our usual land planning, combined with some ethnic customs, regional culture, such amusement parks can make customers feel unique.

Layout of Island Amusement Park
Layout of Island Amusement Park

Amusement park design should take joy, liveliness and enthusiasm as the theme, combined with the cheerful and joyful dynamic feeling of the amusement rides, to create a happy, exciting and passionate scene. Let the audience have a feeling that action is not as good as heart beat.

Well, that’s all for sharing. If you have other questions, feel free to leave a message or email, and look forward to your reply.

Finally, a warm reminder was inserted. Recently, we received a letter from a netizen, but the email number is incorrect, so we can’t reply to his/her. We hope that when you leave a message or send a letter in the future, your email number must be carefully checked. We must be reply to you when you receive an email, and we are happy to help each friend~~Come to consult!

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