Design your own amusement park ride

  • Have you ever thought of designing your own amusement park ride?
  • Have you ever thought of implementing the own amusement park ride in your mind?
  • Have you ever thought that your amusement park ride are different from others, which attracts many tourists who are attracted by your amusement park?

If you think you can’t find a manufacturer, let’s help you achieve it!

At the moment, you should doubt our ability, right?

It doesn’t matter. Let’s get familiar with each other first.

Factory aerial photography

With the effective control of the epidemic situation around the world, the mentality of “retaliatory” tourism has gradually emerged. Tourists have begun to open up to the amusement parks and tourist attractions, and the flow of people has also increased significantly. Therefore, many friends have found this business opportunity and want to do cross industry recreation amusement equipment, and the amusement park ride is naturally the backbone of the amusement parks and tourist attractions.

There are many kinds of amusement ride and products on the market, but many of them are the same. A single model and many businesses buy it has become the same characteristics of many amusement parks. There is no great creativity and unique style, just like buying clothes and bags. Everyone likes the limited edition and uniqueness. Only by enjoying what others don’t have can you highlight the uniqueness of your amusement park and attract attention, This is also the advantage of your amusement park.

If you have your own creativity, what kind of creativity do you belong to?

For example No.1:You have creative appearance: space style, forest style, ocean style, animal style, urban style, science fiction style, etc…

You only need to provide pictures. We can help you to make a 3D model, combine the human body structure to make a comfortable proportion, 3D print the model, make glass fiber reinforced plasticFRPsemi-finished products, paint and color them, make a frame shape of the exclusive amusement device according to the shape, and assemble the complete amusement device.

FRP workshop
FRP finished product warehouse

For example No.2:You have mechanical transmission creativity: rotary type, bouncing type, track type, telescopic type, lifting type, etc…

Mechanical drawing
Laser cutting

You only need to provide pictures. We can help you computer simulate the 3D steel frame structure, match the motor power, draw the blanking drawings, laser cut the plates, and weld them into frames. We can make appropriate appearance shapes according to your frame shape and your theme of the amusement park, and then splice and assemble your amusement park ride.

For example No.3:If you have both, we will help you do it directly.

For example No.4: If you don’t have either, no problem, we can help you analyze the customized products.

In general, we can analyze from the following points:

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park, and analyze from the color tone.
What kind of theme tone does your amusement park belong to? Warm color or cold color, pure color or gradient color, cartoon effect or lifelike effect, which type do you want to create?
For example: consider cartoon style, bright color, giving people a passionate and active feeling;
It tends to be realistic, giving people a romantic, unique and exciting feeling;Warm colors such as red and yellow are easy to create beautiful memories^0^

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park and analyze from the crowd orientation
What kind of tourist group does your amusement park mainly face? Are they children, lovers, parents and children, or the elderly?

Children, the elderly, parents and children should consider their physical conditions, and should not pursue overly stimulating amusement park ride.

Adults, such people have high physical fitness, and your amusement park can customize exciting and thrilling amusement equipment.

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park and analyze from the consumption level.Consider the consumption level of your customers and the budget in your hand.
Many businesses like high-end consumption, because the profit will be higher, but the number of tourists is relatively small.

For normal mass consumption, the price will not be very high and the profit will be low, but the number of tourists will be more. You need to consider the geographical location of your amusement park.

machine building
To sum up, explore more amusement ride that are more suitable for the theme of your amusement park. In combination with modern mainstream trends, colleagues can add more interaction to attract more tourists to your amusement park.
No matter which one you belong to, we can implement your amusement park ride according to your ideas!
We have our own laser cutting machine, production workshop, mold workshop, assembly workshop, finished product laboratory workshop, etc. An old technician, who has worked in the factory for 20-25 years, has a complete production process, superb technology and rich experience.
If you want to build your own amusement facilities, please come to us.


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