How to design an excellent “children’s amusement park”

When designing children’s amusement park, we must see the world with children’s eyes. Designers should know children’s psychology, children’s preferences, children’s mental activities, and help children understand the world. Designers should design from the height of children, and experience childlike innocence and innocence with their heart. children’s amusement park are naturally one of the places for children to find happiness and release their nature. With their rich colors and perfect amusement facilities, It provides sufficient open space for children’s amusement park and communication. Therefore, when planning the children’s activity site, we summarized several principles for designing children’s amusement park.

Take the unpowered Park as an example. Due to different ages, different heights, different physical abilities, and different interests, we should separate the activity area of children from that of adults.

Aged 1-3 are young children

Design drawing of children's amusement park aged 1-3
Safe and open outdoor children’s amusement park
  • For example, children aged 1-3 are young children. They have just learned to walk. They may not be able to express themselves clearly. They have little physical strength and limited activity ability. Therefore, adults need to be with them. They should always take care of the children. When necessary, they also need to help the children to ensure their personal safety. Therefore, for young children, there is a need for a wide and safe activity site, so that on the one hand, children can move and on the other hand, We need to leave room for our elders. It is possible to select amusement equipment with a low degree of difficulty.

Aged 3-5 are young children

Design drawing of children's amusement park aged 3-5
Simple and fun activities children rides
  • Children aged 3-5 already have certain independent activities. They don’t need their parents to accompany them at all times. As long as they can see the children, they can keep a certain distance from their parents. In this space, some parents’ rest areas should be added. Seats, pavilions, shops, landscapes, etc. can be added in the rest areas to allow parents to watch the children and rest while not affecting the activities of both sides, but also to see the children, In the selection of amusement equipment, you can select some appliances and amusement equipment with moderate difficulty.

Aged 5-10 are young children

Design drawing of children's amusement park aged 5-10
An amusement park with rich activities
  • Children from 5 to 10 years old are more independent and mature in physical activities. At the same time, their learning ability is also enhanced. They need more interactive activity amusement equipment, as well as the activity amusement equipment that parents and children participate in together. When choosing amusement equipment, they can add some difficult and challenging ones, and play with some parents and children to improve the parent-child relationship.
Design drawing of educational children's amusement park
Simple and fun outdoor children’s amusement park
If conditions permit, some popular science equipment can be added so that children can learn new knowledge while playing. Parents are more willing to participate in such activities.

Design drawing of leisure children's amusement park

The selected amusement equipment of children’s amusement park must be strictly controlled. Each place must be cut off. The surface must be round and the structure must be stable. There must be no powered equipment. The grass or plastic running under the equipment will not cause serious personal harm to the children. At the same time, the difficulty of the equipment should be clearly graded so that the children can choose it in turn with the growth of age and ability.

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