Small amusement parks,will give you examples to help you analyze how to choose your own amusement rides?Which of the four amusement rides can make more money?

Small amusement park investment planning

Investors are just starting to invest in an amusement park, or they want to make small investments in the amusement industry. Let’s take the actual amusement rides first.

Which of the four amusement rides can make more money?

Small amusement parks,will give you examples to help you analyze how to choose your own amusement rides?

The name of the first amusement park rides: The Breast Feeding Fish .

The Feeding Fish Mainly feeds the fish in the pool with the milk bottle. At the beginning, it can do USD 12000 or 20000 in a month. After a long time, it can now earn about one-third of the original performance.

breast feeding fish project
breast feeding fish project

The advantage of this project is that the turnover rate of the feeding fish is relatively high, and it is relatively crowded. The disadvantage is that the playability is relatively poor. According to comprehensive evaluation, it is more appropriate to do this project in the core position of the shopping mall with large passenger flow, or to do a supporting work for an amusement park. If the feeding fish is a separate project, it will be more difficult to operate independently.

The second amusement park ride Name: Toy Experience Project.

toy experience project
toy experience project

Toy experience project is a popular project in the last two years. It has the advantages of rich product categories and high playability, and can meet the personalized needs of all kinds of children. After all, children are not immune to toys.

toy experience project
toy experience project

The disadvantages are high management costs, very messy products and difficult to manage. It requires high requirements for your product update iteration, Comprehensive evaluation: if you take this project out for independent operation, there is no problem at all. If your employees are hardworking and your management ability is strong, this store can play a greater role

The third amusement park ride name is Automobile Town.


This Automobile Town is a sightseeing and amusement project in a shopping mall or square. The advantage is that the available area is relatively large, and the public area of the whole shopping mall or square can be used by renting 20 square meters. It is also relatively cost-effective. The disadvantage is that the playing method is relatively simple. Comprehensive evaluation, this project will add some other amusement projects together, Would be a better choice.

The third amusement park ride name is Children’s Driving School.

children's driving school

Finally, if you are willing to invest more, you can add some popular science knowledge and change it into theme park rides of “Children’s Driving School“. According to your economic strength, you can rent more than 300 square meters. The theme is around “driving school learning”. The venue is equipped with “traffic lights”, “signs”, “gas stations”, “car washing stations”, “photo studios” “Maintenance station” and other practical driving school test projects strengthen the sense of personal participation and help children learn practical traffic knowledge.

  • To open an amusement park, choosing a good ride in amusement park is the foundation, and choosing a good location is the king.
Today, according to the investment amount, from low to high,from a single amusement equipment to a small amusement theme park, four amusement rides with different investment prices are analyzed: The Breast Feeding Fish Project, Toy Experience Project, Automobile Town, and Children's Driving School. These are representative projects. We hope to help you. In the future, we will continue to help customers analyze the equipment selection, so that you can choose the rides(or equipment) without blindness. Please pay attention to our updates~

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