The first list is about amusement park rides names-children’s amusement rides

When it comes to the amusement park rides names, there are many kinds of them. Let me introduce our factory to you first.

The current amusement park ride list in our factory is:Multiple types of merry go round; Crazy bullfighter; Harley juvenile; Dream Jurassic; Jungle Knight; Fantasy and passion jump; Happy airship; Sea World; Rotating flying car; Colorful knight; Children’s Happy World; Happy Kingdom; Crazy conch; Grassland boxer; Star Wars; Bee whirling kingdom; Harvest locomotive; Adult train; Bounce car; Free jellyfish; Starship; Pirate world, etc.

amusement park rides  pictures and names

Is it too abstract to just listen to the name? Let me introduce it to you in detail.

As an amusement park ride manufacturer, we serve many amusement parks.

Our amusement park ride types are different.

In this blog, I would like to share one type and the others.

Our small amusement park rides for sale.It is mainly aimed at kiddie rides amusement park. Our main amusement park ride list is: Happy airship; Colorful knight; Children’s Happy World; Pirate World, Animal Kingdom, Happy Flying Elephant, Flying horse around, Ocean Submarine, Clock Cup, etc.

These are amusement park rides that spins, with slightly different motion principles.

For type of the spinning and jumping

In these small amusement park rides for sale,some of them are spinning and jumping, and such the amusement park rides names include: Pirate World, Ocean Submarine, and  Happy Flying Elephant.

Pirate World
Ship of Pirate World

The Pirate World of a amusement park ride,it is a small pirate standing at the top of a castle, holding a knife, looking forward and fearless, and surrounded by 6 pirate ships with exquisite shapes. After the amusement ride is started, you can experience and feel ups and downs and rotation in a small boat. This is the Pirate World. This is also one of the children’s favorite amusement ride! The Pirate World covers an area of more than 8 meters in diameter, which is very suitable for children to ride. The whole set of equipment can take 24 people to play together.

Submarine of Ocean submarine is a amusement park ride

Ocean submarine, only to hear the name is like a water amusement ride, doesn’t it? Don’t be deceived by its name. In fact, it is the amusement equipment in the land amusement park. However,the seat of the submarine modeling, with exquisite workmanship and lovely exaggerated model, which really attracts children’s love.

Happy Flying Elephant is a very interesting amusement ride

Happy Flying Elephant is a very interesting amusement ride. The shape of the flying elephant is charming, smiling and colorful, which is loved by children. It belongs to a amusement park rides that spins. It makes the  flying elephant by the way of rotary drive, becoming a beautiful scene in the amusement equipment field! The rotating flying elephant has absolute advantages over the conventional flying chair.

For type of the rotation and lifting

For type of the rotation and lifting, such the amusement park ride name is as follows:Happy Spaceship.

Happy Spaceship of a amusement park ride is highly playable and interesting. It has three outstanding advantages over traditional amusement rides,

Happy Spaceship of a amusement park ride
Night effect of Happy spaceship amusement park rides

1. The shape is beautiful. The theme style is dreamy, the boat is added with wings to make the boat fly in the sky;the workmanship is exquisite;the color is beautiful, and it is eye-catching.

2. There is an air pumping device. If you press the air pumping armrest up and down, the spaceship can fluctuate with the strength.

Close-up photos of the Happy spaceship amusement rides
covers a diameter of 9m of the Happy spaceship amusement rides

The spaceship can be used for adults to play with their children, or young couples to sit in one spaceship.

So, the sales of this amusement ride are very hot, and many amusement park curators purchase it.

For type of rotation and rotation

The Clock Rotating Cup of a amusement park ride,it belongs to the category of rotating cup, also known as the rotating clock cup. It brings people the pleasure of flying and enjoying another kind of beauty.

Compared with other amusement rides, it is safer, more reliable and more comfortable to ride. It mainly includes large rotary table, small rotary table, rotary cup, etc. Rotating cup, namely seat. You can rotate with the rhythm of the equipment, or you can control your own direction. When the large rotary table revolves, the rotating cup also rotates in reverse around the centerline of the small rotary table. In the rhythm of music,these seat is fast and slow. It makes people feel weightless, dizzy, interesting and exciting.

Clock Rotating Cup of a amusement park ride
Clock Rotating Cup of a amusement park ride

This amusement park ride is especially suitable for tourists of all ages. The device that parents take their children to sit in the cup can make the children excited and happy, and can also shorten the distance between parents and children, which is very suitable for parents and children to play. Lovers can also sit, very warm and romantic.

Clock Rotating Cup amusement park rides is an interesting and fun amusement rides, which is widely found in children’s parks, parks and shopping malls.

For type of simple rotation

For type of simple rotation, such the amusement park rides names are as follows: Colorful Knight; Animal Kingdom; Children’s Happy World. Some of which have their own seats swinging from side to side, just like a cradle.

Colorful Knights of a amusement park ride
Seat of Colorful Knights
Seat of Colorful Knights
Seat of Colorful Knights

The Colorful Knights, Animal Kingdom and Children’s Happy World, these three types of amusement rides have different names, but their movement principles are very similar. The main difference is their appearance.

The Colorful Knights are more suitable for boys. The seat is mainly made of vehicles and ships.

Animal Kingdom of a amusement park ride
Children’s Happy World of amusement park rides

The Animal Kingdom of amusement rides is mainly an animal themed seats.

The Children’s Happy World is suitable for small children. It has an exaggerated cartoon shape and is a little cute.

We have done a lot of styling for these seats. Customers can choose and replace them if they need them.

Well, this blog is for you to share here temporarily. Next time, we will share the products of other amusement park rides names. If you are interested, please come to see me often~~


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