What must be paid attention to when taking amusement rides facilities

In recent years, there have been frequent accidents of passengers falling down in amusement park, mostly young children. Here we help you analyze these matters. When you take large amusement facilities, you must pay attention to these matters. This article can not only help passengers to pay attention to when they go out to play, but also help the operators of amusement park to do a good job in daily protection, And precautions for purchasing amusement park rides.

When passengers take large amusement rides, they must choose regular amusement parks. When they take large amusement rides, they should see whether there are special equipment use marks issued by the market supervision and administration department and they are within the validity period. In addition, they can see whether the on-site operators have corresponding qualifications and work with certificates.

kid dies on amusement park ride amusement park accidentTwo men died and three men were injured

This is an accident in an amusement park. This “howling”amusement ride carrying tourists suddenly fell from the amusement park ride just after it started operation, resulting in 2 deaths and 3 injuries.

Lady falls from amusement park ride
Lady falls from amusement park ride

In another amusement park accident, a girl fell from the amusement park ride while taking a large amusement ride to “travel in space”, and died after rescue.

After inspection, the causes of these two accidents were caused by the failure of the safety restraint device to play a protective role.It can be seen that the restraint device of large amusement rides plays a vital role in protecting the personal safety of tourists.

safety restraint device

  • Before the equipment is started, the staff will confirm the safety device for the tourists, carefully check whether the safety belt and the safety pressure bar are fastened and pressed. During the operation of the facilities, both hands must hold the safety handle or other safety devices.
  • safety-pressure-bar
  • In addition to confirming the equipment, having the inspection qualification and fastening the safety restraint device, there are some places that need special attention when passengers ride on amusement rides.

When riding on rotating and tumbling amusement rides, it is necessary to store the camera, glasses, keys, mobile phones and other articles that are easy to fall, and do not take the facilities. In addition, it is prohibited to do dangerous actions during the operation of amusement rides. After sitting, do not stretch out or stand.


It is absolutely not allowed to unfasten the safety device, take photos, throw objects, etc. on the way, and do not leave the site without permission until the equipment has completely stopped or the staff has made clear.


Amusement parks are not only a place for us to relax and entertain, but also a playground for children to play. Many parents take their children to play in the amusement park when holidays come. We often see height limit signs in the amusement park. Sometimes, some parents try to muddle through and let children play in order not to disappoint their children and their children’s height is not up to the standard, but they do not know that they put their children in danger.


The boy in the picture was riding on the amusement rides of “jumping machine”. Due to his insufficient height, he fell off the protective fence, half of his body was suspended in the air, and almost fell. Fortunately, the staff stopped the machine in time and took the boy down. I’m afraid when I see these.

Although amusement park rides can bring joy to children, they can bring unexpected dangers if they ride at will.children or kid

Let’s take a look at a simulation experiment. Put a one meter tall model on the amusement rides with height restrictions, and then fasten the safety restraint device to let it run normally. During the driving process, we found that because the model is too small, the safety restraint device can not completely bind the model, and there is a large gap in it. The model shakes very badly on the seat, If the children play in large-scale tumbling amusement rides, they are too small and may be thrown out of the amusement rides. Therefore, parents should be more careful when taking their children on the amusement rides, and never pay a painful price for one neglect.

So what should we pay attention to when taking children to play in amusement rides?


Before taking children to play, you must carefully read the riding instructions, and choose the appropriate children’s amusement equipment according to the children’s age and height. You must abide by the relevant regulations. Children are not fully developed, and their heads and necks are very fragile. High speed amusement rides like roller coasters can easily shake their heads left and right under strong impact, Resulting in injury to the carotid artery and neck muscles.

In large amusement rides, roller coasters, pirate boats and large pendulums are often sought after by many people because of their thrills, but not everyone is suitable for taking such facilities.


In the next amusement park accident, a lady played a roller coaster, but after she got off, she found her neck was very painful. What was the matter?

She went to the hospital to take a skeletal image and found that her four or five cervical vertebrae were misplaced. It turned out that the lady had some cervical spondylosis before she took the ride.

Before taking the ride, passengers should confirm their physical condition, physical discomfort, heart disease, hypertension and other conditions. It is prohibited to take the stimulus items. In addition, when taking the ride on amusement rides, they should try to dress correctly and do not wear dresses, flip flops and leather shoes without buckles.

Dress,-flip-flops,-leather-shoes Heart-disease;-high-blood-pressure;-just-after-drinking-alcohol;-dizziness

Don’t panic if the amusement equipment breaks down suddenly during operation. Generally, amusement rides that operate normally have relatively complete emergency plans, so we must not move or remove the safety devices by ourselves. We should remain calm, follow the command and wait for rescue.

When shopping for amusement rides, in order to reduce amusement ride accidents, merchants should make clear the “instructions to passengers” from the manufacturers. At the same time, they can buy safety amusement rides that are exempt from inspection. The height drop of such devices should not exceed 2 meters and the rotation speed should not exceed 2 m / s. such amusement rides are not prone to death accidents in amusement parks. Even if the equipment fails, passengers will not die easily.

Finally, it is suggested that when choosing amusement facilities, you should not think that the cost is low, and choose very cheap amusement facilities. After all, the price is equal to the goods. In terms of material selection, processing and other processes, very cheap amusement facilities will definitely consider cost reduction and quality, and the amusement rides maintenance cost will be much higher in the later stage.

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