Design your own amusement park ride

  • Have you ever thought of designing your own amusement park ride?
  • Have you ever thought of implementing the own amusement park ride in your mind?
  • Have you ever thought that your amusement park ride are different from others, which attracts many tourists who are attracted by your amusement park?

If you think you can’t find a manufacturer, let’s help you achieve it!

At the moment, you should doubt our ability, right?

It doesn’t matter. Let’s get familiar with each other first.

Factory aerial photography

With the effective control of the epidemic situation around the world, the mentality of “retaliatory” tourism has gradually emerged. Tourists have begun to open up to the amusement parks and tourist attractions, and the flow of people has also increased significantly. Therefore, many friends have found this business opportunity and want to do cross industry recreation amusement equipment, and the amusement park ride is naturally the backbone of the amusement parks and tourist attractions.

There are many kinds of amusement ride and products on the market, but many of them are the same. A single model and many businesses buy it has become the same characteristics of many amusement parks. There is no great creativity and unique style, just like buying clothes and bags. Everyone likes the limited edition and uniqueness. Only by enjoying what others don’t have can you highlight the uniqueness of your amusement park and attract attention, This is also the advantage of your amusement park.

If you have your own creativity, what kind of creativity do you belong to?

For example No.1:You have creative appearance: space style, forest style, ocean style, animal style, urban style, science fiction style, etc…

You only need to provide pictures. We can help you to make a 3D model, combine the human body structure to make a comfortable proportion, 3D print the model, make glass fiber reinforced plasticFRPsemi-finished products, paint and color them, make a frame shape of the exclusive amusement device according to the shape, and assemble the complete amusement device.

FRP workshop
FRP finished product warehouse

For example No.2:You have mechanical transmission creativity: rotary type, bouncing type, track type, telescopic type, lifting type, etc…

Mechanical drawing
Laser cutting

You only need to provide pictures. We can help you computer simulate the 3D steel frame structure, match the motor power, draw the blanking drawings, laser cut the plates, and weld them into frames. We can make appropriate appearance shapes according to your frame shape and your theme of the amusement park, and then splice and assemble your amusement park ride.

For example No.3:If you have both, we will help you do it directly.

For example No.4: If you don’t have either, no problem, we can help you analyze the customized products.

In general, we can analyze from the following points:

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park, and analyze from the color tone.
What kind of theme tone does your amusement park belong to? Warm color or cold color, pure color or gradient color, cartoon effect or lifelike effect, which type do you want to create?
For example: consider cartoon style, bright color, giving people a passionate and active feeling;
It tends to be realistic, giving people a romantic, unique and exciting feeling;Warm colors such as red and yellow are easy to create beautiful memories^0^

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park and analyze from the crowd orientation
What kind of tourist group does your amusement park mainly face? Are they children, lovers, parents and children, or the elderly?

Children, the elderly, parents and children should consider their physical conditions, and should not pursue overly stimulating amusement park ride.

Adults, such people have high physical fitness, and your amusement park can customize exciting and thrilling amusement equipment.

Find out the characteristics of your amusement park and analyze from the consumption level.Consider the consumption level of your customers and the budget in your hand.
Many businesses like high-end consumption, because the profit will be higher, but the number of tourists is relatively small.

For normal mass consumption, the price will not be very high and the profit will be low, but the number of tourists will be more. You need to consider the geographical location of your amusement park.

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Animal crossing amusement park design ideas

The Animal Crossing Amusement Park is very popular. Adhering to the development concept of “harmonious coexistence between people and animals”, it provides tourists with a leisure place where they can get close to the nature. Through zero distance contact with animals, feeding interaction and watching animal performances, it enhances children’s understanding of animals, strengthens their awareness of animal and environmental protection, and improves their sense of social responsibility; So as to create an indoor three habitat micro ecological park integrating the interaction of fun and loveliness, natural science education and leisure experience.

Animal crossing amusement park, a large market for new projects, has low barriers to entry. However, although this project is good, it can not be successfully designed by one or several people in the design of animal crossing amusement park. There are many things involved, such as layout, materials, site isolation, and safety, which need professional designers to do.

In addition to the C-end parents and children, animal crossing amusement park can also face the B-end education market. A large amusement of shopping centers need high-quality family entertainment businesses to help them transform into “themed” shopping centers. Animal crossing paradise park is a technical consulting company specializing in product output and service output.

Remember the following points about the construction of animals crossing the amusement park

No.1、The theme positioning is obvious, and the animals are mainly “cute”

Different from traditional zoos, the animal crossing amusement park has a distinctive theme, strong pertinence, and a good sense of interaction. It caters to consumers and brings a new experience. For the parent-child population, the animal crossing amusement park has incomparable advantages over ordinary zoos. The animal crossing amusement park can make up for the shortcomings of urban parks and wildlife parks in interaction, participation, entertainment, science popularization, etc., so that everyone in the parent-child family can gain and face the people of all ages.

No.2、Enhance interactive participation and create an immersive experience

The planning and design of the animal crossing amusement park should create a natural and leisure immersive exhibition environment and environmental packaging. From the interactive window, interactive platform and interactive space, the lovely animal elements are collocated to strengthen the impression and stickiness, so as to achieve the goal of easy replication; In the planning and design, attention should be paid to the following points: it is suitable for the natural environment and the natural environment of animals and plants. Cages and landscapes should both have excellent waterproof functions. It is appropriate to partition the project moderately. Since the actual area of indoor pet projects is not large, too many partitions are not conducive to the creation of story lines and the improvement of tourist satisfaction.

No.3、 Keep innovating and making progress

The animal crossing amusement park is not just about feeding pets. In order to attract new tourists and increase the return rate of old tourists, the animal crossing amusement park needs to continuously give tourists new concepts, new themes and new feelings.

No.4、 Let the customer remember

Animal display, animal interaction, animal performance and animal pet peripheral industry marketing in the animal crossing amusement park, including animal themed restaurants, pet stores, pet supplies, animal souvenirs, etc., play a role in watching, communicating, interacting, and companionship, which is a linear process. Both adults and children are happy.

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Amusement park design standards

What is the design standard of amusement park?

I have also considered this issue day and night after careful consideration.
Every country in the world has a detailed Standard Guide for garden design and planning standards. The amusement park design standards is only a small branch of them, and the description is not clear, or it is too one-sided and formalized.

At the beginning of the design of the amusement park, before the construction began? What do we have to figure out?
Yes, that’s the question of investment and return.
I don’t think anyone wants to invest a lot of gold coins in it without any return, and always do public welfare. Therefore, a good amusement park design standard can not only operate efficiently, but also continuously improve the profitability. The more amusement projects there are, the more important it is to look at the construction and design planning of the amusement park. If we understand this, we will understand the standard from the next analysis.

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Amusement rides in five theme parks

In the early design of many amusement parks, in order to attract more customers, large amusement rides were used. There were many kinds of amusement rides. How to choose them? Combining with the amusement parks we have planned over the years, we have summarized five large-scale amusement rides, which can help you easily select from different dimensions, so that your visitors in the amusement park will be happy, laugh, and even scream.

The first one —— Ferris wheel, belongs to the viewing car series

Speaking of the ferris wheel, it is a classic among the classics. Some people say that the ferris wheel, together with the roller coaster and the merry go round, is the “three treasures of paradise”. Others say that the ferris wheel is a symbol of romance. I wonder if you admit it or not?

Each car moves slowly with the rotation of the big wheel, and the running speed is slow. Passengers can get on and off with it, which is very convenient. Passengers sitting in the lift car can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city, the land, the beautiful mountains and rivers, and the beautiful and fertile fields with the gradual elevation of the wheel and the gradual broadening of the vision through the window.

Many colorful lights are installed on the big wheel. When the evening falls, the ferris wheel is even more dazzling. From a distance, it looks like a colorful giant wheel rolling forward, adding to the magnificence of this poetic behemoth, which makes people feast their eyes and feel relaxed and happy.

Suitable for: except those with acrophobia.

Suitable for a wide range of venues: squares, parks, scenic amusement parks, outdoor and other places where tourists gather.

Prominent features: high, large and high-grade, which can attract people’s attention. It can be used independently of other occasions as a viewing platform and a landmark facility.

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