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At the initial stage of all design the plan should be finally realized by CAD drawing, because CAD drawing is a parametric plan. 1:1 combined with the actual and real size drawing, the error should be minimized as far as possible to avoid the unsaturated or excess of equipment and site.

First of all, send us your site CAD drawings, and we can combine your CAD drawings with the actual situation: site terrain and site size, roads, residential areas, business areas, industrial areas, and other urban functional areas to further understand your site situation, and place more suitable amusement equipment in your site, in order to reduce blind investment and unsaturated conditions affecting operating income in your investment budget.

CAD graphic design initially allows you to see a predictable future plan, let you have a vision of the future in advance, and get the most correct real situation. There is no need to check the construction drawings one by one and imagine the future, so that the information is equal and more simple.

We are currently responsible for CAD graphic design. You need to find the construction drawing party to help you draw the construction drawing.

If you don’t have any drawings, you can contact us alone, and we will help you think about it.

We will give full play to our best ability and make our contribution to the design industry of the amusement park with serious service, high-quality design and professionalism.

01  Provide CAD drawing of original site

You provide us with the CAD drawing of the original site. The CAD drawing needs to show the location and size of the planned amusement park area. If the main door and auxiliary door have been determined, the location also needs to be marked.

Understand customers' requirements for planning drawings01
02  Communication precautions

Understand your initial financial budget, the surrounding environment, the location of main roads, analyze the surrounding population, locate the amusement park market, and select the appropriate project equipment.

03 Planning scheme

After fully understanding your situation, analyzing it, and selecting the equipment, you can come up with a planning scheme, usually 1-2 schemes. This figure shows the planning scheme based on the customer’s case.

00 Other  1

If you don’t have a CAD map, you can provide us with the specific city coordinate location of your amusement park to help you find the satellite map, such as the following picture.

00 Other 2

If you don’t have a CAD map and can’t find your amusement park location in the satellite map, you can draw a sketch by hand through measurement, and we can know your measurement precautions and measurement skills, such as the following pictures.

Note: Other situations are hand drawn, so there may be errors. We are not responsible for the errors caused by errors. Please understand.

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