Company Profile

We are a professional amusement park design company and also a manufacturer of amusement equipment.

We are a modern enterprise integrating the R & D, production and sales of amusement rides, intelligent amusement equipment, automation equipment and video game (play) machines.

We are committed to building a high-tech company.

Photos of HaveFun factory
The real scene shooting of the factory includes the appearance of the factory, the scene of the meeting of factory technicians and the scene in the workshop

Company strength

At present, it has successfully cooperated with many companies in Asia, Africa, Europe and other places. After many years of practical experience, it has been highly praised by customers.

At present, the company’s main departments include: culture and tourism planning department, appearance design department, product R & D department, sales department.

Main production equipment categories: mechanical amusement, inflatable products, naughty castle, video game products, unpowered physical equipment at home and abroad, etc

Photos of HaveFun factory
It is mainly the partial display of machinery workshop, painting workshop and exhibition hall

Certificate of honor

The company has been adhering to the principle of “quality first, customer first”, collecting various advantageous resources, relying on strong economic strength and continuously improving the advanced production capacity, which has laid a solid foundation for expanding market share and realizing the high quality of amusement equipment.

At present, the products have been distributed all over China and exported to many countries in the world. With remarkable achievements, they are among the best in the industry.

Make high-quality products widely dedicated to colleagues in the industry, so that everyone can buy genuine products and experience the high-quality service of one-stop shopping.

The company advocates independent research and development and scientific and technological innovation. Each project launched by the company is favored by investors all over the world and has attracted great attention from the amusement industry.

“Quality first, stability, safety and reliability” is the company’s strategic concept. At present, the company has 8 series and dozens of varieties, and independently developed and innovative products include “locomotive boy”, “Jurassic dinosaur”, “happy spaceship”, “Spanish Matador”, “dream passion jump”, “jungle Knight”, “luxury carousel (upload dynamic model)” and so on.

International Certificate of havefun
Trophies from participating in the International Amusement Industry
  • All products pay attention to environmental protection, ensure safety and stable operation. At the same time, they are manufactured in strict accordance with the safety standard gb8408-2008 for amusement facilities. At present, the amusement rides sold has not had any accidents to ensure the excellent quality of the products.

The future “century enterprise”. With the mission of “becoming a first-class in the industry, stepping out of the country and going to the world”, adhering to the corporate culture of “creating value for customers”, the company condenses the resources and forces of shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers, creates an efficient management and service team, and achieves the dream of “century old enterprise”.

Now, after years of experience accumulation, the company has trained a number of professional production teams, dedicated the best products to consumers, and provided an eternal driving force for the company’s internationalization.

Visiting customers
Group photos of domestic and foreign customers visiting Havefun factory

Amusement Park Design

Wanle amusement park & an expert in the production, planning and construction of amusement equipment. At present, he is specialized in the planning and design of outdoor amusement park, theme park – cultural tourism projects.

Operation mode: whole field output, professional service team, professional planning, clear positioning, differentiated customization; Full support and all-round operation guidance to keep the site profitable.

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