Custom 3d model

Can you make 3D model?

Yes, we specialize in making models that customers want. As long as you provide pictures and sizes, we can help you make 3D models here

3D customized model case of Aerospace fighter
3D customized model case of Signage

Where can I make my own 3D models?

You can do this in two ways,

1. Download the software for making the model, and make the three views of the role of the branch office by yourself. You can ask us for the information to get the installation package

2. Ask us to make it. You just need to provide your ideas, and we can help you achieve it. The price is the lowest and the service is the best.

3D customized model case of Premium seats
3D customized model case of Cartoon character

How do you customize a 3D model?

According to different needs, choose to use different software to make 3D models. For example: Maya software is recommended for role model; 3DMAX software is recommended for building models; SolidWorks software is recommended for mechanical model; It is recommended to use ZBrush software for complex artworks, and finally send them to the printer for printing.

We have mature printing technology and printing equipment. If you need finished products, you can contact us.

How much does a 3D character model cost?

According to the degree of difficulty

For simple models, the requirements are also low. If you pay less time, the cost will be lower. For complex models, the requirements are high. If you pay more time, the cost will be higher. You also need to consider the cost of later changes. Small changes will not be charged, and large changes will be appropriately increased.

You can send us the 3D drawings you want to make, and we will help you estimate.

3D customized model case of Mythical Animals
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