Amusement park design standards

What is the design standard of amusement park?

I have also considered this issue day and night after careful consideration.
Every country in the world has a detailed Standard Guide for garden design and planning standards. The amusement park design standards is only a small branch of them, and the description is not clear, or it is too one-sided and formalized.

At the beginning of the design of the amusement park, before the construction began? What do we have to figure out?
Yes, that’s the question of investment and return.
I don’t think anyone wants to invest a lot of gold coins in it without any return, and always do public welfare. Therefore, a good amusement park design standard can not only operate efficiently, but also continuously improve the profitability. The more amusement projects there are, the more important it is to look at the construction and design planning of the amusement park. If we understand this, we will understand the standard from the next analysis.

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